The Company seeking PCS services should log in to the website and complete initial registration formalities online. (Application form). Once the required details are furnished & registration fees are paid, PCS will create an account for the company.

Evaluation of the Carbon Project design should be done after registration. The Company should update details in the “CPD Template” on the website and in the database.

PCS will review the CPD and inform and provide feedback on the CPD within 10 days after submission. Any other information required should be submitted upon request. The evaluation process will start after the CPD review and payment of the review.

Verification of the project will be done by a third-party company appointed by PCS. 1-3 days per 20-50 acres will be required depending on the nature of the land, and plantation type.

Validation of the project will be done after the completion of the verification process. A certificate of validation will be issued after the validation of the project. PCS Registry entry cost incurred as per fee schedule.

If the verification & validation of the project involves a distant location, and/or requires visiting different locations over several days, lodging & transportation should be provided for the verification team by the company. Lodging should be at a minimum of 3-star class hotels.

If the physical verification & validation requires overseas travelling, economy class airfare, inland transportation & lodging at a minimum of 3-star hotels for a minimum period of 3 days should be arranged.

The Company should provide written confirmation on the sale of carbon credits prior to the issuance of the certificate of validation.

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